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Golden Mask Detectors

About GMD and the Golden Mask brand

GMD (Golden Mask detectors) - the official Golden Mask reseller, is an online shop, specialized in the sale of ONLY Golden Mask metal detectors. We believe that selling and providing support for only one brand is good for our customers - we know exactly what we do sell, we know very well the models and we can provide much better pre-sale service and after-sale support.

Here at GMD, our business is based on three maxims:
1. Fast order processing
2. Highest quality of the service
3. Rock-solid warranty for our goods

Orders are processed and the goods are shipped ASAP, within 5 working days (usually 1 or 2) after the payment is cleared.

We do our best to serve our clients in the best possible way. We will answer all your questions, no matter if you have already purchased some of our goods or not.
We use only secure ways of payment. Warranties are served in Bulgaria and France - wherever you prefer, for your own convenience.

As an authorized dealer of the Golden Mask brand, we work closely with the producer of the machines and take very seriously the warranty of all the goods we sell. Golden Mask gives you 5 years full warranty for the electronics and 2 years for the search coil and the rest, so you have not to worry for your machine at least 5 years after your purchase. In fact, these machines are known to be extremely reliable and they can be used for decades without any problem.

The GMD shop is owned and operated by Linoart Ltd. - Bulgaria.
Company VAT number: BG119636351

About Golden Mask

Golden Mask is a Bulgarian brand for metal detectors. Golden Mask is the successor of the Banditto brand, known for the fact it found the famous 2400 years old golden mask of a Thracian king in the Valley of the Thracian kings, in central Bulgaria.

Bandito 2 - the famous model they found the priceless Thracian golden mask with

In the past decade, Golden Mask became a very popular brand, especially in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, upward trending in North America and Asia. These metal detectors are known to be very reliable, very robust and very effective for what they are engineered for - finding metal objects. The electronics are made with the best quality electronic components available to ensure the machine will have a long life, without the need to be serviced, tuned-up or repaired after it is sold. The engineers at Golden Mask continue to develop new, better models of metal detectors and search coils.