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Battery Cassette for Golden Mask metal detectors

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Product Description

Battery pack cassette for 10 pcs of AA rechargeable or alkaline batteries. Compatible with all VLF models that use NiMh batteries in a cassette. Using the cassette, you can quickly change your battery pack with a one with fresh batteries if you run out of power while you are on a place without electricity to plug-in your charger. All the Golden Mask VLF models work equally well with NiMH rechargeable and with regular alkaline batteries. Be aware, that some very high capacity AA accumulators (2500mAh or higher) are out of standard, they are some tenths of a millimeter bolder and there could be a problem inserting them into the cassette.
Technical Specifications of Golden Mask Spare Battery Cassette
10 AA batteries
Golden Mask VLF models with NiMH batteries
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