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Golden Mask Carbon fiber telescopic shaft stem

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Product Description

Telescopic shaft for metal detectors, light-weight and easy to transport. Made from 100% carbon fibres, light and strong. Very compact when collapsed. Could be used with PI detectors, XP Déus (there is no control unit holder!) or self-made machines. It is not possible to mount a GM control box on this shaft outside of the GM factory. Mounting of a GM control box requires opening of the detector and this voids the warranty. You can order a compatible Golden Mask detector with this shaft instead of the regular S-stem, just choose it from the drop-down menu.
WARNING! The maximum weight of the coil attached to the shaft is 0.750 kg!
WARNINGS: Be sure to have at least 5 cm (2") one section into another while you extend the shaft and tighten the fixing screws - this insures strength and long life of your shaft!

User Guide for Golden Mask Telescopic Carbon Shaft

1. TCS.pdf (251Kb) |
Technical Specifications of Golden Mask Telescopic Carbon Shaft
Golden Mask
Telescopic collapsible
High-modulus carbon fibres pipes
Deep Hunter, detector customization and other
550 grams
Collapsed lenght
57 cm
Full lenght
147 cm
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