Bulk Purchase

Resellers and Merchants Therms

Terms for Merchants and Dealers

Dealers and merchants that wants to purchase bulk quantities of metal detectors, search coils and accessories should contact us to arrange all the details about a bulk purchase.

If you are buying on behalf of a company within the European Union (EU) with valid EU VAT registration or on behalf of company outside the EU, you can purchase goods without paying VAT (20%).

To purchase bulk quantities without VAT, please contact us to arrange the details. You'll have to send us your full company data and a valid EU VAT registration number if the company operates in the EU.

Payment for bulk orders with or without VAT is by bank transfer ONLY!

The detectors for bulk orders are produced/assembled after we receive a payment clearance confirmation by our bank. So orders are NOT shipped right after you pay. There is a delay between the payment and the shipping. The actual delay depends on the order content and the current load at the assembly factory and may vary from a couple of days to some weeks. Of course, we will tell you when your order will be produced and shipped after you submit your order.

If you are buying from a non-EU country, some import and/or export taxes may apply.