25x30 cm (10x12 inch) Search Coil

The Big Eliptic

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Golden Mask - 10x12 inch | 25x30 cm - Double D elliptic

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The 25x30 cm (10x12 inches) DD elliptic search coil for Golden Mask Metal Detectors is designed to detect coins, relics and other metal objects deep in the ground. The coil has good ground coverage and works well on all types of soils - from very light to very mineralized. This is one of the best coils to use on mineralized soils, but if you plan to search in iron-polluted areas, a round coil is a better choice.
Offered in two versions: 1. MF design - works on all latest models that use the multi-frequency protocol. Does NOT work on the single-frequency 8 kHz models (GM2, GM3); 2. Single-frequency 8 kHz to be used on the 8 kHz models (GM 2 and GM3).

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Golden Mask 10x12 inch | 25x30 cm Technical Specifications
Golden Mask
10x12 inch | 25x30 cm
0.575 kg
Golden Mask VLF detectors
multi-frequency or 8kHz
Double D elliptic
2 years