13x11 inch (31x28 cm) Search Coil

The Smart Fighter S

Golden Mask - 13x11 inch | 32x28 cm - vlf

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The 13x11 Fighter S SMART search coil by Golden Mask is designed to work properly on all type of soils - from non-mineralized to very mineralized. Now you don't have to own different coils for different soil conditions, the Fighter S with it's SMART technology will replace your old coils. In addition, this coil is very lightweight - only 525 g, that makes it the perfect all-rounder. Of course, you cannot replace all coils with a single one - all coils have their advantages and disadvantages, but it's a good idea to start with this one, especially if you have no experience in metal detecting.
MF design - works on all latest models that use the multi-frequency protocol. Does NOT work on the single-frequency 8 kHz models (GM2, GM3).
Starting from 24.03.2021, the Fighter S is delivered with spare plastic bolt and nut and two rubber washers.
Technical Specifications
Golden Mask
13x11 inch | 32x28 cm
Golden Mask multi-frequency VLF detectors
Double D
2 years
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