5x7 inch (13x18 cm) SMART Search Coil

The Gold Nugget Fighter S

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Golden Mask - 5x7 inch | 13x18 cm - Double D elliptic

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The 5x7 inch Fighter S SMART search coil is designed for gold nuggets prospecting and coin shooting on all type of soils - from non-mineralized to very mineralized. This coil replaces the 5 and 7 inch ones - it has the sensitivity of the 5 inch Spider and the ground coverage and the depth of the 7 inch search coil. It is perfect to be used for coin shooting on iron infested sites where target separation is very important.
MF design - works on all latest models that use the Golden Mask multi-frequency protocol. Does NOT work on the single-frequency 8 kHz models (GM2, 3 and 3+).
Golden Mask 5x7 inch | 13x18 cm Technical Specifications
Golden Mask
5x7 inch | 13x18 cm
0.300 kg
Golden Mask VLF detectors
Double D elliptic
2 years