Golden Mask 5+ SE Relictum

5/15 kHz metal detector

Golden Mask 5+ SE Relictum

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Included in This Kit:
Golden Mask 5+ SE Relictum (5/15 kHz) metal detector with telescopic carbon shaft; Search coil + search coil protector; wireless headphones; rechargeable batteries NiMH 2500mAh; GM smart charger, battery compartment cover
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Wireless Headphones:
Search Coil:
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WS Headphones: WS107 (+0 EUR)
Search Coil: 13x11 Fighter S (+5 EUR)

FREE coil protector for all search coils, except 12.5x15"

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Golden Mask 5+ SE Relictum is a new version of the original Golden Mask 5+ SE, with low and medium working frequencies - 5 and 15 kHz.
At 5 kHz the Relictum is a typical relic machine - it will get large targets like relics, treasures and hoards at extreme depths.
WARNING! For proper function at 5kHz, you need a large coil, this is why the 12" Spider is the default coil for this model.
At 15 kHz the Relictum is a standard (but quite deep and lighting fast) coin shooter. You can use any coil from the Golden Mask range with this frequency to search for virtually any target from gold nuggets to relics, but coin shooting is where this frequency will really shine.
This is very powerful and universal detector for those of you who want to have a single machine for both coin shooting and relic hunting.
The Golden mask 5+ SE Relictum has absolutely the same controls and main electronics as the original 5+ SE 8/18kHz, the only difference is the design of the front panel and the working frequencies.
The 5+ SE Relictum uses the same multi-frequency search coils as the other models of the brand, so if you already have some Golden Mask MF coils, you can use them on the Relictum.
• User Guide for Golden Mask 5+ SE Relictum (PDF, 3.7Mb)
Golden Mask 5+ SE Relictum Technical Specifications
Golden Mask
5+ SE Relictum
5 and 15 kHz
Ground Balance:
manual and auto
Search Mode:
motion, one-tone all metal, two-tone, one tone with discrimination
gain, threshold, power box, frequency, search mode, disc. depth, iron volume, ground balance, tone, back-light, LCD contrast
Coil Type:
GM multi-frequency
Weight (incl. batteries):
1.4 kg with 30 cm (12") search coil
2500 mAh LiIon battery with dedicated charger
Battery Life:
min. 12 hours with Power Box set to High
Wireless Headphones:
Headphones Jack:
6.35 mm - 1/4"
Dedicated LI-Ion Charger, 100-220V, EU-plug
5 years - the electronics board; 2 years - all the rest, except batteries