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Included in This Kit:
Golden Mask 7 detector with telescopic carbon shaft; Search coil (user selected) + search coil protector; Wireless headphones; LiIon rechargeable battery and dedicated charger, battery compartment cover
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Wireless Headphones:
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WS Headphones: WS107 (+0 EUR)
Search Coil: 9.5 Fighter S 7G (+0 EUR)
FREE coil protector for all search coils, except 12.5x15"

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Golden Mask 7 is a high-performance 4-frequency VLF metal detector. It uses the new 7G coils that deliver more depth and stability, compared to the old coil design. The new FX ground balance mode is very usable on high mineralized or wet soils. The four preset programs - Field, Park, Gold and Beach/HR are easy to use and could be modified by the user to better fit the particular search conditions. The collapsible carbon-fibre shaft makes the detector lightweight, comfortable and easy to transport. The Golden Mask 7 features a low-latency wireless transmitter, that connects the detector with a comfortable wireless headphones.
The main advantage of the Golden Mask 7 over similar models from other brands is that it delivers depth and recovery speed at the same time. This makes the detector extremely effective for what it is designed for - finding metal objects in the ground.
There is a LITE version without wireless functionality for clients on tight budget.
The control block of the Golden Mask 7 is rain-resistant - you can keep using the detector under rain.
The menu is in English only.
User Guide for Golden Mask 7
1. GM7-en.pdf (2.2Mb) |
2. WS107.pdf (1.2Mb) |
3. GM-Charger.pdf (194Kb) |
Technical Specifications
Golden Mask
4, 14, 24 and 44 kHz
Ground Balance
manual, auto and FX
Search Mode
motion, one-tone all metal, two-tone
dedicated menu system with 4 presets
Coil Type
7G coils
Weight (incl. batteries)
1.3 kg with 9.5 inch Fighter S 7G search coil
2500 mAh LiIon battery with dedicated charger
Battery Life
min. 12 hours
Wireless Headphones
Headphones Jack
6.35 mm - 1/4"
Dedicated Charger, 100-220V, EU-plug
5 years - the electronics board; 2 years - all the rest, except batteries
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