Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro 7se

More Depth and Stability

Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro 7se

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Included in This Kit:
Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro 7se main unit; rechargeable NiMH battery; Smart charger; leather pouch, up to 3 search coils
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Search Coil: 125x125 cm mono (+0 EUR)
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Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro 7se is the successor and a special edition of the Pro 7. All main functions and controls are exactly the same, but the SE version is more stable and a little bit more deep, especially when it comes to relics, hoards and meteorites.
The Deep Hunter Pro 7se is optimized for work near 50 Hz power lines. There is a special 'US edition' model, optimized for work near 60Hz power lines - this frequency is present in the USA and some other countries in North and South America, Saudi Arabia, etc.
Mode d'emploi pour Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro 7se
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Technical Specifications
Golden Mask
Deep Hunter Pro 7se
667 Hz
Compensation Effet de Sol
auto and manual ground balance
Mode de Recherche
slow motion
Commandes de Contrôle
sound volume, manual ground balance/trash reject, sensitivity, audio tone, boost mode switch, ground balance mode switch, smart tune button, battery check button
Disque de Recherche
Poids (batteries inclues)
2.2 kg with 125x125 cm
2600 mAh NiMH battery pack with dedicated charger
Autonomie de la Batterie
8 hours
Casque sans Fil
Prise Casque
6.35 mm - 1/4"
Dedicated Charger, 100-220V, EU-plug
2 years
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