Golden Mask 1+ MT

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Golden Mask 1+ MT

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Golden Mask 1+ (MT - mono-tone) metal detector is a fixed ground-balance machine working at frequency of 18kHz, designed for use on low to moderately mineralized soils. The machine has only three control knobs, making it ideal for beginner users. With its high working frequency of 18kHz, GM1+ is very sensitive to small objects and low conductors as gold. The signal-processing engine is lighting-fast, so the machine performs great in trashy areas, separating good targets from trash. A great detector at a great price!
This is the mono-tone (MT) version - depending on the discrimination level, the detector ignores the ferrous signals under the discrimination level border and produces a clear sound only for the non-ferrous targets that are positioned above the discrimination border level. This version goes a little bit deeper than the dual-tone (DT) version.

Included in This Kit:
Golden Mask 1+ metal detector; Search coil + coil protector(except 5" and 12.5x15"), NiMH rechargeable batteries and smart charger
Download the User Guide: GM_series1_en.pdf
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Golden Mask 1+ MT Technical Specifications
Golden Mask
1+ MT
18 kHz
Ground Balance:
Search Mode:
motion, one-tone with discrimination
sensitivity, discrimination, sound volume
Coil Type:
Double D
Weight (incl. batteries):
1.7 kg with 23x25 cm (9x10") search coil
1000 mAh rechargeable NiMH batteries
Battery Life:
20 hours
Wireless Headphones:
Headphones Jack:
6.35 mm - 1/4"
5 years - the electronics; 2 years - the bat. charger and the coil