Golden Mask 5

The Ultimate Metal Detector

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Golden Mask 5

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Golden Mask 5 is an extremely fast machine with LCD screen. Integrated wireless transmitter and wireless headphones are included in the package. Like all the top-models of the brand, this machine has super-fast recovery speed thanks to its two processor units. The recovery speed allows the machine to successfully reveal good targets (coins and others) between or even under iron trash. That's why the GM5 is so good on old settlements and parks, where a lot of trash is present. The GM5 offers real dual-frequency operation - you have two fully operational machines in one body - 8kHz for search on mineralized soils and for relic hunting with large coils, and 18kHz for fast operation and high sensitivity to hard-to-detect metals as gold. The large monochrome display with spectrum VDI helps identifying targets with ease. GM5 also have real all-metal mode - you hear all the metals under the coil and identifying them is possible only by the Spectrum VDI on screen, but in this mode the machine achieves better depths. This model comes with better battery, but has shorter working times than the other models: 7 hours at 8kHz and 8 hours at 18kHz and this is because of the power consumption of the two processor units and the screen. The telescopic 100% carbon shaft makes the set very easy to transport, comfortable and lightweight - only 1.35 kg with the batteries and the 23 cm (9") kit coil. Because of packaging limitations, the Golden Mask 5 is delivered with small coils only, but you can always purchase another coil if needed. The Golden Mask 5 has English controls and menu ONLY!

Included in This Kit:
Golden Mask 5 detector with telescopic carbon shaft; Search coil + search coil protector; Wireless headphones; Control box cover; Battery compartment cover; Rechargeable NiMH batteries and Smart charger
Download User Guide: GM5_en.pdf
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Golden Mask 5 Technical Specifications
Golden Mask
8 and 18 kHz
Ground Balance:
manual and auto
Search Mode:
motion, one-tone all metal, two-tone, one tone with discrimination
sensitivity, frequency, search mode, deep target discrimination, ground balance, tone, backlight
Coil Type:
Double D
Weight (incl. batteries):
1.35 kg with 23 cm (9") search coil
1500 mAh NiMH rechargeable batteries
Battery Life:
7 hours at 8kHz; 8 hours at 18kHz
Wireless Headphones:
Yes, included
Headphones Jack:
6.35 mm - 1/4"
5 years - the electronics board; 2 years - all the rest, except batteries