Shipping & Tracking

Shipping options and conditions for your purchase at GMD

Shipping & Tracking

Lower shipping charges for EU shipments of all Golden Mask detectors

General shipping conditions

Orders paid with PayPal will be delivered to the PayPal address of the customer! Please make sure to provide precise address and phone number, otherwise you cannot receive your order! The shipping companies will NOT deliver to a PO box!

We do ship AFTER your payment is cleared, no matter what payment method you've used. No exceptions! PayPal instant payments are usually cleared in minutes. PayPal electronic cheque payments are cleared usually in 5 to 15 days. Bank transfer payments are usually cleared in 24-48 hours, but payments from some specific countries that do not use the SWIFT system may take much longer.

We ship within 7 working days after your payment is cleared. We do ship usually in 2-3 days, but it is possible that this term extends up to 7 working days. In some periods of huge demand or market overload, for example around the Christmas holidays, the shipping may be delayed more than usual. We will inform you if for some reason we are unable to ship your order within 7 working days.

Tracking a shipment

DPD / Speedy shipments

You can track your order at:
- the Speedy website - enter the tracking number you received via PayPal.

DHL shipments

You can track your order at:
- the DHL tracking page - enter the tracking number we've sent you via the PayPal system.

TNT / FedEx shipments

You can track your order at:
- the TNT tracking page - enter the tracking number we've sent you via the PayPal system.

Postal shipments

Postal shipments are not fully trackable - they could be tracked until they leave Bulgaria and then from the moment they enter the country of destination. Between these two points the tracking is not possible. You can track your order at:
- the website of the Bulgarian posts or
- use a global tracking service as 17track - using the tracking number we've sent you via the PayPal system.

EU Shipping

Our major shipping method is DPD ECONOMY by DPD. A tracking number is available for tracking your order. We ship via the DPD partner in Bulgaria - Speedy. DPD will deliver to all the countries within the EU in 3 to 9 working days, depending on your location.

WARNING! DPD does not deliver to the following postal codes in the corresponding countries:
United Kingdom: GY101AA-GY999ZZ, GY11AA-GY99ZZ, IM101AA-IM999ZZ, IM11AA-IM99ZZ, JE101AA-JE999ZZ, JE11AA-JE99ZZ
France: 00001-00030, 00100-00151, 00153-00299, 00361-00429, 00500-00699, 00750-00999, 96000-97999, 97100-97499, 98100-98999
Denmark: 3900-3999
Italy: 47031, 47890-47899
Finland: 22100, 22101, 22120, 22130, 22131, 22140, 22150, 22151, 22160, 22220, 22240, 22260, 22270, 22271, 22310, 22320, 22330, 22340, 22410, 22411, 22430, 22520, 22530, 22540, 22550, 22610, 22630, 22710, 22720, 22730, 22810, 22820, 22830, 22840, 22910, 22920, 22930, 22940, 22950, 22999
Spain: 35000-35999, 38000-38999, 51000-52999

If your address is within the above codes, please contact us, we will do our best to find the best shipping option for you.

We ship to Bulgaria, Greece and Romania with Speedy ( The delivery to these countries takes 1-3 days, but for some Greek islands may take up to 7 working days.

The delivery time could be extended in periods of over-load of the shipping companies, for example 2-3 weeks before Christmas.

The quoted delivery times are estimates only, we don't have control on the shipping after the parcel is accepted by the carrier and we do not accept any liability or penalty for late delivery nor we can affect in any way the delivery times.

EU Shipping Charges

The shipping charge to the EU countries is set by our system according to the pricing policy at Speedy/DPD - our main shipping company for EU orders.

Shipping to Cyprus, North Ireland and Malta is with DHL/TNT - sorry, DPD does not deliver to these countries.

The default shipping charges, displayed on our website are for a parcel with total weight of up to 3 kg. If your order exceeds this weight, additional shipping charges may apply. A single VLF detector with a medium-sized coil, batteries, the cartoon and all the accessories in the kit weights approximately 2.9 kg without the wireless headphones and up to 3.2 kg with the wireless headphones included.

Insured Courier Shipments

If your order is shipped with a courier service (DPD, DHL, TNT), the parcel is shipped with insurance at the full amount you've paid.

Please check the goods for any defects and/or injuries and missing components caused by the transportation BEFORE the courier leaves! If you find something wrong - broken or missing part, you should ask the courier to make a document (protocol) about all injuries or missing parts. With this documents you could ask payment of a compensation and prove any complaint.

Low-cost orders

Low-cost orders (orders with total value under 50 EUR incl. the shipping charge) are shipped with the Bulgarian posts, with priority mail, signed for. Delivery to EU countries takes around 7-14 working days. Delivery to the United States takes around 8-20 working days. Delivery to other countries could take up to 15-30 working days. Delays are possible in some periods, for example before Christmas.

Non-EU and Worldwide Shipping

If you are outside the European Union, we will ship your order with DHL or FedEx/TNT. Our system automatically calculates the shipping charge - you can see the amount above the PayPal button. The shipping charge includes full insurance for your purchase.

The shipping to countries outside the EU requires some additional export procedures and papers that take up to 3 days. So your order is not shipped immediately after we receive the payment, but right after we prepare all the papers needed and the customs authorities release the parcel for export.

WARNING! If you are outside the EU, you get a lower price without VAT, but you'll probably have to pay an import tax and/or VAT in your country. In some countries you'll have to pay both. So please make a research about customs duties in your country and be prepared to pass an import procedure.

If you don't see the PayPal Add To Cart button, please contact us by e-mail with your name, country and delivery address, as well as the goods you want tо purchase. We will give you a shipping quote and detailed instructions on how to proceed with your order. Be aware, that we cannot export to some countries such as Russia, because of some EU export restrictions.

Other Shipping Options

If you prefer other carrier than the ones we use, or you want a different way to receive your purchase, please contact us - we will do the necessary to have your order shipped the way you prefer. Please be aware, that this is not always applicable, since there are export limitations for some destinations outside the EU.