Warranty Terms

Warranty conditions

Warranty Terms

The goods we sell are new, tested and packaged by the producer. The detectors and the coils are supplied with a warranty card and user guide. The warranty term for is as follows:
- 5 years for the main electronic board of the detectors
- 2 years for the rest - battery charger, search coil, headphones, keypad, potentiometers and shafts

When the final purchaser/user is a company, the warranty term is 2 years from the date of the purchase.

The warranty does NOT cover any physical damage, caused by the user, no matter if by accident or intentionally, that could be avoided by normal careful usage - broken or damaged parts, cables, knobs and cable plugs. The warranty does NOT cover batteries.

Please do not open the device or try to repair it yourself or by any other unauthorized person. Such actions lead to warranty void. Warranty repairs shall be made ONLY by the producer.

In case of warranty claim, prior of taking any other action, please contact us by e-mail with detailed description of the problem occurring with your product and we will get back to you ASAP with detailed instructions on how to proceed.

Products under warranty that need repair or replacement, must be returned to our office address at your cost. If the repair is under the warranty conditions, we will pay the shipping charge from our address to yours, otherwise (if the damage is caused by the user), you will have to pay the shipping charge for the return shipping. The return shipment shall be made from the name of the original purchaser and from the country the detector was initially shipped to.

If you reside outside the EU, it may be impossible to return a product for repair because of customs clearance issues. Please contact us before shipping a detector for repair! Otherwise the customs may reject the import and your parcel may be returned.