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Payment Options Offered by GMD

From July 20 till August 31, 2019.
Dear customers, we have received lots of requests to extend the sale till the end of August, because many people want to purchase a Golden Mask, but they are on vacation far from home and cannot do it right now. We do always listen to what our customers and fans say. And here it is: we have extended the Summer Sale to comply with the customers request. Enjoy!
Please be aware that the shipping time may be increased by 2-3 working days. Just be patient, we will ship your orders ASAP.
6 days and 23 hours till the end of the summer sale.


All the prices in the store are in Euro currency (€, EUR).

The primary payment method in the store is PayPal. With PayPal, you can make payments by using all major credit or debit cards or by using your PayPal balance.

How do I order with PayPal?

You don't have to register on our site. Just choose your product and select an option from the drop-down menu (if any). Then, click the "Add To Cart" button. The system will redirect you to the PayPal shopping cart page. Once there, you can proceed to the payment or return to the shop by clicking the "Continue Shopping" button and add other product(s) to the cart. You can remove products from the cart by clicking the "Remove" link next to a product. Once finished adding products, you shall proceed to the payment. You have two options (may be different in some countries):
1. You can pay using your existing PayPal account. To do this, click the "Check out with PayPal" button , login to your PayPal account and confirm your order. After a successful payment, you'll receive a payment confirmation to your PayPal registration e-mail. That's all.
2. You can pay without a PayPal account using your credit/debit card. To do this, click the grey button with "Check Out" label and a "Pay with a card" statement under the button. You will be redirected to a secure PayPal page, where you have to fill all your data and finish the payment by clicking the PAY NOW button at the bottom of the page. After a successful payment, you'll receive a payment confirmation to your e-mail. That's all.

Bank Transfer Payments

We accept direct bank transfers to our bank account. There is NO a possibility to place an order with this type of payment on the website! If you want to pay by bank wire, please contact us and we will give you detailed instructions on how to proceed with your purchase.

Bank transfer payments should be made to the following recipient:
Account holder name: Linoart Ltd.
IBAN: BG03 UNCR 9660 1029 1162 09

Payment on Delivery

WARNING! Payment on delivery is possible only for customers in Bulgaria, Greece and Romania, and for order total not surpassing 500,- EUR or their equivalent in RON!

Payment of orders from Bulgaria and Romania is in local currency, according to the daily exchange rates of the Bulgarian National Bank. There is NO a possibility to submit an order with 'payment on delivery' option on the website! Please, contact us via the e-mail contact form to arrange the details about your order.

PayPal secure payments

Why PayPal as a primary payment method? Because checking-out with PayPal is fast and secure, and because PayPal is a world leader in online payments, so no need to explain to everybody what this is. Another great feature of PayPal is that we can accept all major credit/debit card payments without having to pay enormous amounts of money for supporting our-own payment gateway. And this is good for you, our customers, because this keeps the prices low.