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From July 20 till August 31, 2019.
Dear customers, we have received lots of requests to extend the sale till the end of August, because many people want to purchase a Golden Mask, but they are on vacation far from home and cannot do it right now. We do always listen to what our customers and fans say. And here it is: we have extended the Summer Sale to comply with the customers request. Enjoy!
Please be aware that the shipping time may be increased by 2-3 working days. Just be patient, we will ship your orders ASAP.
8 days and 16 hours till the end of the summer sale.

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Golden Mask 5+ SE - improved version of the 5+ with new PowerBox and new electronics

Golden Mask 5+ SE

Golden Mask 5+ SE is a great performing metal detector made with ETRIM chips to gain more stability and depth
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