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What's Included:
Golden Mask Deep Hunter Mobile ST metal detector; pre-installed 10 x NiMH rechargeable batteries; dedicated Golden Mask smart charger; search coil
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Search Coil: 38x58 cm mono (+60 EUR)

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Product Description

The Golden Mask Deep Hunter Mobile ST is a powerful one-hand pulse induction metal detector. The Mobile ST has automatic ground balance with the same Smart Tune system, incorporated in the top-model Pro AE. Exactly as with the Pro AE, the Deep Hunter Mobile ST has a TRASH REJECT function, so the user could choose what the detector reacts on - only large targets or all targets. With this function small trash targets could be eliminated and the detector reacts only on large targets, making it ideal for relic and meteorite hunting. The Mobile ST uses the same coils as the bigger models Pro 3SE, Pro 5 and Pro AE, so if you already own Golden Mask PI search coils, you can use them with the Mobile ST! Even a frame coil could be used. The Mobile is used for treasures, hoards, relics and even coins. If you plan to use the detector for coins, get it with a small search coil - 20 and 20x30 cm are available as accessory coils and could be used for very small targets and gold nuggets.

User Guide for Golden Mask Deep Hunter Mobile ST

1. MobileST-en.pdf (738Kb) |
Technical Specifications of Golden Mask Deep Hunter Mobile ST
Golden Mask
Deep Hunter Mobile ST
667 Hz
Ground Balance
automatic with SMART TUNE system
Search Mode
slow motion
sound volume, gain, trash reject, audio frequency, smart tune button
Coil Type
Weight (incl. batteries)
1.9 kg with 38x58 cm search coil
2500 mAh NiMH battery pack with dedicated charger
Battery Life
8 hours
Wireless Headphones
Headphones Jack
6.35 mm - 1/4"
Dedicated Charger, 100-220V, EU-plug
2 years
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