Golden Mask 7 LITE

The Ultimate Metal Detector

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Golden Mask 7 LITE

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Golden Mask 7 LITE is the budget version of the high-performance 4-frequency Golden Mask 7 metal detector. The electronics and the performance are the same, the only difference is the lack of wireless transmitter and wireless headphones.
The Golden Mask 7 LITE uses the new 7G coils that deliver more depth and stability, compared to the old coils. The new FX ground balance mode works great on high mineralized or wet/conductive soils. The four factory-preset programs - Field, Park, Gold and Beach/HR are easy to use and user-modifiable. The collapsible carbon-fibre shaft makes the detector lightweight, comfortable and easy to transport.
The control block of the Golden Mask 7 LITE is rain-resistant - you can keep using the detector under rain.
The menu is in English.

Included in This Kit:
Golden Mask 7 detector with telescopic carbon shaft; Search coil (user selected) + search coil protector; Li-Ion rechargeable battery and dedicated charger, battery compartment cover
Download User Guide: GM7-en.pdf
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Shaft: Telescopic (+0 EUR) |WS Headphones: -- (+0 EUR) |Coil: 9.5 Fighter S 7G (+0 EUR)
462.00 EUR
incl. 20% VAT (Ex. Tax: 385.00EUR)
Search Coil:

FREE coil protector for all search coils, except 12.5x15"
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Golden Mask 7 LITE Technical Specifications
Golden Mask
4, 14, 24 and 44 kHz
Ground Balance:
manual, auto and FX
Search Mode:
motion, one-tone all metal, two-tone
dedicated menu system with 4 presets
Coil Type:
7G coils
Weight (incl. batteries):
1.3 kg with 9.5 inch Fighter S 7G search coil
2500 mAh LiIon battery with dedicated charger
Battery Life:
min. 12 hours
Wireless Headphones:
Headphones Jack:
6.35 mm - 1/4"
Dedicated LI-Ion Charger, 100-220V, EU-plug
5 years - the electronics board; 2 years - all the rest, except batteries